Crazy Car Insurance

Apart from crazy cars (see,uk!) the crazy things about car insurance are the weird and wonderful ways in which some people try to trick the insurers. They forget that they are not dealing with idiots but they still try anyway! Here are some of the strange excuses that people have made to try to extort money with weird claims.

I didn't realise it was open until I put my head through it!

A gentleman in Middlesbrough claim for a broken driver's side window. An inspector went down to look at it and, yes indeed, it was pretty well smashed; but it seemed to have been smashed from the outside! The owner tried to explain that he wanted to look out through the window, but he didn't realise it was closed, so we put his head through it! Leaving aside the factthat putting your head through a car window would almost certainly result in a few hours in the accident and emergency department of your local hospital,the gentleman was remarkably unmarked after his ordeal!

The inspector couldn't help laughing out loud. The owner later admitted that he had left his keys in the ignition, and and so had to break the side window to get into his car.

Claim denied!

I had to decide what to do, so I ran a pedestrian over

This one is not so funny. This guy from Liverpool was driving down the road but not paying a great deal of attention. He suddenly realised that the car in front of him had come to a complete halt. No problem, what you do is apply your brakes. Not this guy. He was in a rush so he swerved round the car! Unfortunately there was an unhelpful pedestrian who happened to think that he have the right to walk along a zebra crossing, and who got right in the way!

The pedestrian finished up in hospital, the driver was charged with driving without due care and attention, but the insurance company did pay out anyway.

I thought the speed limit only applied during the day

A young driver out to impress his girlfriend took her for a midnight drive around some country roads in Dorset. Unfortunately he didn't seem to realise that other drivers also used country roads at night. On tearing round a corner on the wrong side of the road he hit an oncoming vehicle and smashed in the side of it.

Fortunately there was a 30 mph speed limit on this road and the oncoming driver had obeyed it. Our hero hadn't.

When he filled in his accident claim form he confessed that he was driving in excess of the speed limit, but stated that to the best of his knowledge it didn't apply at night time.

The claim was upheld; but he was lucky not to have been prosecuted!

The voodoo did it

A lady with a highly developed imagination came out to her car in the morning, only to find a crack down the windshield. She phoned insurance company; and they asked her how the damage had occurred. There was a silence for a while, then she stated that she was a medium and she had upset the spirits of some dead people. The only logical conclusion she could think of was voodoo.

The insurance company, no doubt concluding that they would be better off not knowing about this case, settled it without argument..

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